Walking the XAML VisualTree to find a parent of type <T>

To find a parent item of type T, you can use the following helper class:

public static class DependencyObjectHelper
	public static DependencyObject FindParent(this DependencyObject obj, Predicate where) {
		var parent = VisualTreeHelper.GetParent(obj);

		if (parent == null || where(parent)) {
			return parent;
		} else {
			return parent.FindParent(where);

	public static T FindParentOfType(this DependencyObject obj) where T : DependencyObject {
		return (T)FindParent(obj, x => x is T);

This can then be utilised as follows:

Grid item = ((DependencyObject)childObject).FindParentOfType();

This was particularly useful when wanting to locate an invalid control from a ValidationSummary in silverlight, that was nested in an accordian panel:


BIG shout out goes to Jedi Master Twist for the lead on this 🙂


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